I lived in a Chicago apartment for 2 years and for the most part, I had no problems with my landlord. We had signed a relatively standard lease and while he wanted an increase in rent for the second 12-month long lease, he was fair during negotiations. With 4 months remaining on the second year's lease, I notified him that I would be moving out, which I did.

After waiting weeks and weeks, I never received my security deposit back. I realized that I might be entitled to damages because of how long I had to wait to receive the security deposit back. Not being familiar with what exactly I needed to do, I heard from a friend that Laura might be able to help me.

I contacted Laura and was very impressed by her professionalism and knowledge about the law. She was extremely flexible with my schedule. Her office was very nice and conveniently located downtown where I work.

Laura felt that I had a very strong case and while could guarantee nothing, felt confident in my chances at recovering something. I answered a number of Laura's questions and provided a copy of my lease agreement. From there, she was able to draft all the court papers. I signed on the dotted line, she filed the papers with the court, served my landlord, and before I knew it, she was negotiating a settlement with my former landlord.

I ended up receiving twice my security deposit back! Best of all, I didn't have to pay Laura's attorney's fees.

While I no longer rent, I know plenty of people that do. If ever I hear any of them talk about landlord troubles, I always mention Laura's name and how she helped me.

- Kyle

"I contacted Laura J Hoover after a nightmare landlord experience.

The apartment I had been renting did not have enough heat in the winter, flooded and had unfixed water damage, had water damage from the apartment above leaking. I wrote letters and they would not fix any of these problems. I had to do an emergency move, as the place was too cold and my daughter kept getting sick. On top of all of that, the landlord refused to give me my deposit back. 

It took about a year (mostly because it was tricky getting the right people served) but Laura got me my deposit back plus legal fees. I barely lifted a finger. She was great about explaining to me what was going on and what was involved. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. If I have any problems in the future, I won't hesitate to call her."

- Diana