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Forcible entry and detainer

posted Mar 18, 2015, 2:30 PM by Laura Hoover
House Bill 160

(Thapedi, D-Chicago) provides that the owner may recover rent or a fair and reasonable satisfaction for use and occupation if the lands or tenements are held by a tenant who is a defendant in an eviction or possession action who continues to maintain possession of the land throughout the duration of the pending eviction or possession action. If an order for use and occupancy is granted to the plaintiff and the defendant violates the order by willfully failing to pay the ordered amount, it requires the court to set a firm trial date for the pending eviction possession action no less than seven days from the date that this order is entered. Makes the defendant responsible for the plaintiff’s costs and attorney’s fees. If the defendant is successful in the underlying eviction or possession action, the defendant is entitled to the return of any use and occupancy payments made to the plaintiff on his or her behalf plus statutory interest. Exempts property subject to the Condominium Property Act.